Adrienne Bailon Has Dropped 15 Pounds For Her Wedding So Far - This is Her Secret

Adrienne Bailon Has Dropped 15 Pounds For Her Wedding So Far - This is Her Secret

Sweating for the wedding or shedding for the wedding - whatever you call it, we're sure you've contemplated upping your gym workouts before the big day. After all, who doesn't want to rock toned arms and a kickass booty down the aisle? Adrienne Bailon definitely does! And she has the amazing weight loss results to prove it.

Bailon, who is engaged to fianc–ď© Israel Houghton, recently took to Instagram to document her weight loss journey - AND to reveal her secret on how she's been slimming down so fast. The singer-songwriter revealed she's lost a total of 15 pounds so far, and TBH we're a little jealous of her speedy results. On the Instagram video Bailon wrote, "Well folks, I've lost 15 lbs & counting! Can't stop. Won't stop. Focused! It's always tea time in my dress room! Loving my detox with @fittea! Have you joined me?! Um, it's November 1st! The perfect time to start!"

Wait, are you telling us TEA is her weight loss secret? K, we'll guzzle tea for days if it means dropping 15 pounds!

Sadly, Bailon has been subjected to heightened public scrutiny about her weight this year, which she felt the need to address on her talk show, The Real. "I just want to make an announcement," the Cheetah Girl actress told her audience. "I am not pregnant, people. I'm happy! I'm wearing slightly larger clothing."

We'd be happy too with a sparkler like that! Bailon recently gave us a clearer picture of her cushion-cut bling when she traveled to Paris for her 33rd birthday and posted a stunning Insta of herself on a balcony overlooking the Eiffel Tower. She wrote, "Looking into this new year of life with so much gratitude & excitement for the future! Thank you for all of your beautiful birthday wishes. My heart is so full. Thank you Lord for another year!"

So, the moral to the story? Stay happy and drink more tea!