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The Best Streaming Workouts Busy Brides Can Do at Home

The Best Streaming Workouts Busy Brides Can Do at Home

Netflix and chill? More like Netflix and break a sweat. If you just got engaged and all you can think about (and do) is wedding planning, you're definitely in desperate need of some "me time." So what's a busy bride to do? Find the best streaming workouts (and meditations!) the internet has to offer, of course. Wedding planning can make even the most zen person lose sight of themselves and ignore all their self care rituals. Plus, it's time consuming AF! Stress + no time = an unhappy bride.

You've heard it a million times but it needs to be said again: one of the best ways to alleviate wedding planning stress is to sweat it all out! Exercising will make you feel healthier, stronger, give you more energy, relax you, boost your moods (and get you in the mood, hello Valentine's Day), etc. etc. We know we don't need to convince you. But we also know that finding the time to get to the gym is like a workout in and of itself. Ready to break a sweat in the comfort of your own home (or even when you're traveling to your destination venue visit)? We rounded up the 7 best streaming workouts for busy brides. Warning, they may cause increased joy, a better sex life, and more energy.

Dance Body @ Home

Leave it to Katia Pryce and her team of trainers (or energizer bunnies) to make a workout feel like the most fun you could possibly have in an hour. The vast library of dances, many of them filmed directly at the DanceBody classes in New York, can be combined to create the perfect custom workout for you. Every month the team shares a proposed schedule for the Dance Body streamers which also makes it really easy to follow. The best part, aside from the quick results and energy and mood-boosting dancing, is the tight knit and supportive DanceBody Babes Facebook community. New videos are uploaded on the regular but the team usually sticks to 5 dances for a 2 month period so everyone gets to know the choreography. By the end of 2 months you'll be ready for your BeyoncГ© video debut.

(DanceBody, $34.99 per month)

Tracy Anderson

Let's all bow down to the queen! Tracy Anderson (a newly-engaged bride herself) is the woman responsible for Gwyneth's arms, Gisele's toned legs, and J.Lo's abs. And now she's only a click away. The TA video streaming service lets you feel like you are in one of Tracy's studios-where celebs like Olivia Wilde are a given-direct from home. If you're just getting started there are shorter breakdown videos that can get you familiar with Tracy's methods.

(Tracy Anderson, $90/month)


Calling all yogis! We're kind of obsessed with YogaGlo's amazing variety of options. Hundreds-maybe even thousands-of yoga, meditation, and training videos are organized by style, video length, body part, focus, and more, so there's literally something for everyone. The best part for us, the easy to follow, (read you don't have to think about which workout to do when) pre-built programs. You just have to decide what time of day is best and YogaGlo sends you an email with your daily schedule.

(YogaGlo, $18/month)

Ballet Beautiful

Mary Helen Bowers's Ballet Beautiful isn't just for her high profile celeb clientele (think Lily Aldridge, Karlie Kloss, Alexa Chung, Natalie Portman, Liv Tyler). The ballet-infused workout isn't just your everyday barre class-Bowers's streaming options are presented in smaller snippets for an ideal mix-and-match situation. Indecisive? Don't worry, when you sign up for the custom workout program you'll get an easy-to-follow daily program of which videos are right for you and your goals.

(Ballet Beautiful, Single classes starting at $8.99, Unlimited membership $39.99/month)


Pilates addicts rejoice! Over 350 pilates videos are at your very fingertips with this encyclopedia-level Pilates aggregate. From every skill level to specific body focuses, and length-sort through the hundreds of videos, including from celeb guru Mari Winsor (you can thank her for Miley Cyrus's abs). Mat classes makeup the bulk but if you're lucky enough to have access to an apparatus (think the Reformer, Cadillac and Pilates Chair), there are plenty of videos for you. Start a 30 day challenge or set up a custom workout so you don't get overwhelmed with the various options-you have enough decisions to make.

(Pilatesology, $19/month)

Bar Method

Barre addicts look no further. Bar Method has brought their insanely effective method to your own personal screen. We've been known to sing Bar Method's praises around here for its quick results. Toned arms and ballerina legs? Check! Check! Workouts are curated by duration (only got 20 minutes? No problem!), difficulty, body focus, and even key move-so if you love pretzels you can be sure to get what you came for. Really we all have 20 minutes for a full body workout, right?

(Bar Method, $19/month, $109/6 months, $214/year)

AKT on Demand

Can't get in to one of Anna Kaiser's very in-demand NYC classes? Well, make room to dance around your living room because AKT On Demand's video library is vast, and nearly as good as the 3D version. Dancers will love the Dance-based interval workouts, but if you're not a dancer there's HIIT galore to explore. If you're short on time (you have a million wedding errands to run!) don't fret-along with the full-hour classes you can also get your AKT on in as little as 20 minutes. If you're just getting started definitely make use of the “Getting Started Guide” or follow one of the pre-designed programs.

AKT On Demand, $49.99/month

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