6 Modern Wedding Trends You Won't See at the Royal Wedding

6 Modern Wedding Trends You Won't See at the Royal Wedding

Obviously, it's a big week here at the Brides office. We are anxiously awaiting the royal wedding-and in the meantime, we're constantly refreshing our Instagram feeds, reading the latest gossip, and guessing exactly what we'll see come Saturday. (Will Meghan walk down the aisle in Burberry? What are they going to make with asparagus? And what does one do with that many lemons?!) But while we are busy making bets about what we will see, there are some things we know we definitely will not.

Below, June Lee of FГЄte breaks down six modern wedding trends that (she thinks!) we will not see on Saturday. Keep reading to see exactly what she has to say, but let's remember, we can't judge Meghan Markle and Prince Harry for not embracing these fun ideas! He's a prince, they're marrying in a house of worship, and their wedding will be an iconic moment in history that needs to stand the test of time. In short: There are some traditions they simply can't break. But that doesn't mean you can't break tradition on your own big day! In fact, we think these modern wedding ideas are perfect for a pretty, personalized, and not-so-royal wedding.

A First Look

Often, modern couples opt to see each other before the ceremony. This first-look moment makes for great photo ops, and can even make couples be more present at the ceremony. "Otherwise, it is such an overwhelming experience to walk down the aisle with so many eyes on you," says Lee. "Couples often have a 'black-out' moment!" Thankfully, Meghan and Harry are comfortable in the spotlight as they'll first lock eyes inside St. George's Chapel-and we can't wait to witness this magic moment!

Pre-Ceremony Drinks

It's a fun idea to start the big day with cocktails, and then have the ceremony, dinner, dancing, etcetera. "This is nice if guests are running late for the wedding service," she says. "When you arrive, you have time for a bite to eat and glass of champagne. It sets a celebratory mood for the guests prior to ceremony!" The royal wedding, on the other hand, is planned down to the minute so there will be no time for late arrivals or a glass of champs before the church wedding.

Handwritten Vows

"We encourage modern couples to write their own vows and really speak from their heart," says Lee. "It's a beautiful window into how they feel about each other, and we love hearing it directly from the bride and groom." However, it's likely that Meghan and Harry will exchange marriage vows from the the Church of England.

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Personalized Processional Music

Music is at the heart of creating the atmosphere for the wedding ceremony."We love using contemporary songs arranged for classic instruments in favor of the more traditional music," Lee explains. "Our couples tell us that contemporary music is what really speaks to them, and ultimately evokes the emotion that they want to feel." However, it looks like Meghan will be walking down the aisle to more traditional tunes, sung by the Choir of St George's Chapel, and not the theme song to Suits.

Photo Booths

It's a fact that guests embrace any photo booth with fun props. It's a way to say: "Hey, post a photo on Instagram!" (Unfortunately, we will not be graced with such gems from royal wedding guests like the Spice Girls, Sir Elton John, and Priyanka Chopra.)

A Wedding Hashtag

"We love social media hashtags because they're a good way for couples and guests to easily see all of the images from the wedding," explains Lee. "Sometimes, guests capture the best-and often embarrassing-moments!" Sadly, Meghan and Harry won't be taking such risks with a #whenharrymetmeghan hashtag.