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35 Adorable Flower Girls From Real Weddings

35 Adorable Flower Girls From Real Weddings

When you're planning a wedding, there a ton of dresses to think about. You've got to think about and shop for what you, your bridesmaids, and your mom will ultimately wear on the special day, but fair warning: you may find that the cutest one is often the hardest to find! Yes, we're talking about what your adorable little flower girl will wear-because, obviously, everything is cuter in a mini size, right?

But, seriously, you may find it hard to shop for someone who isn't your size. Which is where we come in! To help you and your little attendant (and her mom) find the prettiest, most reasonable, and simple sweetest dress for your big day, we put together a photo gallery of the cutest flower girls from real weddings. Below, you'll find even more inspiration than you need-from dresses with fluffy tulle skirts to chic ones with peter pan collars and adorable color-coordinated sashes. And, of course, we must mention the hair accessories as well. Because, as these photos show, the little ladies can be all done up in flower crowns, pigtails, bows and more. Basically, with this much of cuteness overload, we feel confident that you'll find the look that suits you, your wedding, and your squad of mini-attendants. And as if that wasn't enough, we've also included tales from their memorable walks down the aisle. Yes, you can go ahead and cue the "Aws!"

So whether you're having just one flower girl or a dozen (a la Kate Moss!), keep scrolling to see flower girl dresses, flower crowns, and more. We think you'll love what you see!

Photo by Olivia Rae James

This Charleston wedding featured a collection of flower girls, ring bearers, and flower children. But the flower-girl dresses, by Us Angels, were the bride's favorite, as were their adorable ballerina flats from J.Crew.

Photo by Kristen Kilpatrick

Carlson Young spent the morning of her wedding getting ready with all her girls, including this little lady!

Photo by Emmy Lowe

Mary Lawless of Happily Grey specifically designed her big day around her wedding party. "I love kids, I'm in love with my nieces and nephews, and I wanted the images to be really heavy with the kids," she says. All six (yes, six!) flower girls wore BHLDN dresses and posed with hearts made of olive branches for photos.

Photo by Kate Holstein

At this Cali wedding, the flower girls, each a daughter of a groomsman, wore white princess dresses with blush bows and floral crowns. “They walked down the aisle with their fathers, which was so adorable,” Ashley remembers.

Photo by Kate Headley

A niece served as flower girl at this wedding in the English countryside. She carried a miniature bouquet of peonies and roses and wore a Marie-Chantal dress for the occasion. “She raced down the aisle,” the bride remembers.

Photo by Ashley Sawtelle

The couple's nieces served as flower girls, with the older of the two running up to the altar to give the groom hug after her walk.

Photo by Heather Waraksa

Six of the groom's nieces and nephews, all from Zimbabwe, came to this New York City Wedding to serve as flower girls, ring bearer, and page boys. The girls wore lace dresses, topped with delicate flower crowns. “They took their roles very seriously, but still had fun. Some of our favorite photos are of their dirty knees, missing shoes, and mismatched bouquets!” says the bride, laughing.

Photo by Kelly Anne Berry

At this beautiful backyard wedding, the flower girl matched the bride in a flower crown that coordinated with the bridal bouquet. She also carried a moss-lined basket for her petals.

Photo by Larissa Cleveland

This flower girl's custom dress featured elegant lace sleeves and a high neck. A crown of roses perfectly framed her chic topknot.

Photo by Kate Headley

At this country club wedding, the couple's baby daughter wore a white lace dress while the older flower girls wore soft pink dresses with heart-shaped keyholes as they pulled their cousin down the aisle.

Photo by Jeremy Harwell

This Georgia bride kept her wedding party small, opting for only her sister as maid of honor and two flower girls. A full tulle skirt was perfect for a little pre-ceremony twirling!

Photo by KT Merry

At this Aspen wedding on a ranch, the flower girls walked down the aisle in white dresses, topped with crowns of roses. “The oldest was four, and escorted our two-year-old ring bearer to the altar as he showed off his fire truck to the guests,” says the bride, laughing.

Photo by Tec Petaja

This ceremony featured a fusion of Muslim and Western traditions. The flower girls wore colorful Indian-style dresses as they happily threw petals from wire baskets.

Photo by BelathГ©e Photography

The groom's daughters (in flower crowns and dresses by Joanna August) walked the bride's Pomeranian, T-Rex, down the aisle before surprising guests with a synchronized twirl.

Photo by Jordan Quinn Photography

Candlelight played a crucial role in the wedding's design, and one of the littlest guests was on-hand to oversee the placement of gold lanterns-and look adorable in her tiered, tulle dress!

Photo by Terri Diamond Photography

At this fashion-forward New York City wedding, the bride's niece, Ruby Lou, acted as flower girl and wore a white gown with a big bow in the back. "When she was walking down the aisle, she saw her mom waiting at the other end and ran to her," the bride explains. "She ended up falling and dropping her basket of flowers, but it could not have been cuter."

Photo by Ryan Ray Photography

These little ladies, wearing short linen dresses and flower crowns, carried flower wands!

Photo by Westlund Photography

At this wedding in Palm Springs, the flower girl looked adorable in a white eyelet dress and matching white ballet flats. So sweet!

Photo by Judy Pak

Navy was the color of choice at this rustic wedding so the flower girl wore a navy sash and a crown of blue berries.

Photo by Sally Pinera

This little lady may have needed her mom's help down the aisle, but she looked adorable doing so, in a gold dress (with a bow!) and a bow-accented headband.

Photo by Nicola Lemmon

This Australian couple's flower girl wore a full skirt with petal details and a sweet crop-top to match the bridesmaids.

Photo by Carmen Santorelli

A pale cardigan was the perfect match for this statement flower girl dress and flower crown-and came in handy at this fall wedding the week after Thanksgiving!

Photo by Anna Page Photography

This wedding had a Tuscan theme so the flower girl obvi wore a crown of olive leaves! She also carried a handmade chalkboard sign down the aisle, which now hangs in the bride and groom's apartment.

Photo by Jamie English

The couple's nephews and nieces acted as their flower girl and ring bearers. The girls wore off-white lace dresses and flower crowns made by the bride, which were inspired by her own flower headband. “We love them all so much we decided to have them all walk the rings down the aisle,” she says. “They did a great job!”

Photo by Sandy SooHoo

The flower girls at this Long Island Wedding wore coordinating ivory dresses and played in a teepee that was set up for kids at cocktail hour.