Should You Do a Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoot?

Should You Do a Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoot?

We can't think of a hotter way to say, "I love you" on your wedding day: For the gift that keeps on giving year after year, and no, not just to him but to yourself as well, consider doing a bridal boudoir photo shoot. Here are four reasons you definitely won't regret it.

1. To reignite the spark

Passion naturally fades in every relationship, but if there's one thing that can really heat things up in the whole sex department it's boudoir photos. "Most of my couples cohabitate before tying the knot and wouldn't mind reigniting a little passion," points out wedding photographer Hannah Arista of Hannah Arista Photography. "One of my brides put it this way: 'We've been together seven years so there's really no mystery there. I want him to see me in these pictures and feel like he cannot wait until our wedding night!'" She surprised her husband-to-be with a gorgeous book of boudoir photos on the morning of their wedding. Did it work? "His eyes almost popped out of his head!'"

2. To celebrate yourself

Because you've worked hard for that banging wedding body! "Most brides are in the best shape of their lives and their eyes and skin are literally glowing with prenuptial excitement," explains Arista. So yeah, what better time is there than now?

3. To freeze-frame a special moment in time

Like certain songs, photographs possess the rare and unique ability to transport us back to the exact moment in which they were created (or heard, rather), often with all the emotions we were feeling at that time coming flooding back to us, notes New York-based boudoir and wedding photographer John Marchisi. "While a great reason behind the desire for a boudoir shoot can be the celebration of looking the most beautiful you've ever been, more importantly, and even more memorably, is the documentation of the most beautiful you've ever felt," he says. It's that gorgeous glow from within that will likely keep the fire burning brightly in your marriage 'til death do you part.

4. To get comfortable in front of the camera

Unless you're a model or a celebrity, chances are, you're not used to working the camera and that's perfectly normal. "A boudoir shoot is a phenomenal way to break the ice, get comfortable with your wedding photographer and practice being the star of the show," tells Arista. "Boudoir sessions invariably relax my brides and help them to trust me, believe in me (because they see the stunning results) and get over feeling camera shy."